Membership Application

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Please contact the State Office to request Membership, please be advised you must be 501 C 3 and have letter of support from your local Police Department.

Why Join SFAPAL?

  1. SFAPAL provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, information, and training for local chapter staff and youth.

  2. SFAPAL provides funding assistance for youth and staff at events sponsored by SFAPAL.
  3. SFAPAL helps local chapters spread their program information through the SFAPAL ILLUSTRATED magazine, Network Newsletter and brochures.
  4. SFAPAL provides exciting sports and education programs for youth.
  5. SFAPAL provides annual scholarships to qualified youth.
  6. SFAPAL provides a unified voice to promote the Police Athletic League program state-wide.

The Police Athletic League (PAL) is easily one of Florida's largest juvenile crime prevention programs. PAL is also one of Florida's least known programs. This makes it very hard to raise funds for a program that has proven successful. SFAPAL is working to ensure that people in Florida know, understand and support the Police Athletic League program.

State of Florida Association of Police Athletic/Activities Leagues, Inc.