Youth Conference Committee

The Youth Conference Committee (YCC) was formed to serve as the Executive Committee of the Youth Advisory Council (YAC). The YCC consists of a maximum of 6 to 8 committee members with the possible addition of a chairman and co-chairman. These youth along with the Alumni Advisory Council (AAC) are appointed to these positions by the State office personnel. The YCC will implement the design set forth by the Youth Advisory Council (YAC) for the annual Youth Directors Conference (YDC). They will also serve as Volunteers, working alongside Florida PAL Staff members, and masters of ceremonies during the annual (YDC) Youth Directors Conference.

Members of the YCC will serve for one year starting in July (of the Calendar Year) until the next year in July (ex: July 2015 until July 2016) or the time they will serve will be determined by the annual youth directors conference dates. YCC members will be chosen based on participation in the youth directors program both locally and regionally. Most appointees will be selected through their involvement with the YAC however the state office reserves the right to choose any youth involved in the Youth Directors Program that they determine is outstanding enough to be honored with this task. The state office also reserves the right to purge any youth that fails to meet the requirements of this select group and/or for exhibiting conduct unbecoming of a Florida PAL Youth Director at this level.

The YCC will meet a minimum of once (1) annually (or more as deemed necessary by state pal). PALs with youth that have been chosen to serve in this capacity will be notified prior to the scheduled YCC training dates of each calendar year and youth that are approved by their director and affirmed by the state office may have a small induction ceremony during the annual YAC event if the schedule permits.