SFAPAL PAL Girl of the Year!!!

Christy Brewer

If we were to try to describe what a PAL Girl of the Year would look like, we would look no further than Christy Brewer. Since signing on with the Youth Directors' Council at West Melbourne Police Athletic League (PAL) in 2014, Christy has demonstrated exceptional dedication to the PAL program. "She is someone I can always count on," Leslee Brimer, West Melbourne PAL director, said. "She works hard at our fundraising events and is usually the first to arrive and the last to leave." Christy goes the extra mile, coming "without hesitation" to help with unexpected developments.

FTO Graig Erenstoft has known Christy for five years from his days as a school resource officer and also from working with West Melbourne PAL. He is impressed by her time management skill. "I honestly do not know how she balances her school, family, extracurricular activities and still finds time to give as much as she does to PAL."

Officer Evelyn Moyer knows Christy through her connection with West Melbourne PAL. She writes about how Christy's commitment to PAL "exponentially increased even though she has faced some obstacles in her personal life." Those obstacles include family illness and injuries Christy sustained in a car accident which ended Christy's hopes for a career in ballet. Christy persevered, Officer Moyer wrote, with "a smile on her face and a positive attitude. She is a prime example of overcoming opposition and facing life's toughest challenges without letting those obstacles define her."

Christy sets an example for youth and adults in how to accept defeat gracefully and with integrity. Officer Moyer continued: "Christy ran for the 2017-18 PAL Board for the West Melbourne chapter, and even though she did not win, she did not let that bring her spirit or motivation down. She stated she would help the Board in any way possible and came to the table with ideas, solutions and overall assistance."

We can't say it better than Officer Moyer: "I know Christy is a future leader and will continue to show compassion and will possess qualities that will make a difference wherever she goes." It is with great pride that we congratulate Christy for her accomplishments. Florida PAL is happy to honor Christy Brewer with the PAL Girl of the Year Award.