Florida Pal Goes to Tallahassee!!!

Rep Bobby Payne Feb 2019

It is with great excitement that Florida PAL reports that a great deal of progress was made on HB 2651 our request for funding. First, I want to say "Thank you" to the following people for traveling to Tallahassee with me yesterday for the Justice Sub-Committee meeting: Chief Jason Shaw, Captain Toby Williams, Lt. Shawn Lee, Officer Sedrick Tyner, Mr. Barry Stuart and two Putnam County PAL representatives, Lt. Art Shepherd. This group made a great impression on the legislators with their uniforms and commanding presence. A special "Thanks" to Sheriff David Shoar, St. Johns County, Assistant Chief Lakesha Burton, Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, Chief Jason Shaw, Palatka and Sheriff Gator DeLoach, Putnam County for making it possible for this group to travel with me. The House Justice Sub-Committee approved our request and now the bill moves forward. We received a great deal of positive feedback from the legislators as we visited almost all of the committee members prior to the committee meeting.

With Cord Byrd Feb 2019 Tallahassee

Florida PAL wants to thank all of the Member Chapters who took the time to send letters of support, emails and telephone calls to legislators. The contacts you all made are what is driving this funding request forward for approval. Please don't think the journey is over because it is only just beginning.

I would be remiss If I did not mention some major supporters who are responsible for getting Senator Stargel, Dr. Shandale Terrell, of Lakeland PAL, Bishop Darryl Forehand, Lakeland PAL and Tim Abram, Lakeland PAL for taking the initiative when they saw we did not have a senate sponsor locked down. My office is taking care of completing the required application form at this time to senator Stargel's office. I'm sure that there are many others that have contacted legislators on our behalf and please don't think you are unnoticed or unappreciated because we will acknowledge you.

With Clay Yarborough Feb 2019 Tallahassee

Florida PAL will need support as we again attempt to gain support for PAL Chapters in our state.