Annual Scholarship & Award Applications

Florida PAL is proud to be able to help (9) Nine Florida PAL Kids by awarding them $1000.00 toward their pursuit of Trade Schooling, College/University, Police Academy Training, US Military, and/or anything that will help them prepare for their future.
Our Florida PAL Scholarships have a lower minimum GPA than traditional scholarships because we know our kids will strive to do their best with any opportunity. Your youth may apply to multiple scholarships but may only win (1) one. This increases your youth opportunity to be awarded so make sure to apply for all scholarships he/she may qualify for please.

Deadline for Annual Scholarships and Award Nominations is October 27, 2021, before 4:00 PM EST.
All applications and nominations must be submitted electronically.


The Tag You're IT (PDF)

The Ileana Garcia Florida PAL Activist Scholarship (PDF)

The Lavern and Gwendolyn Scott Florida PAL (PDF)


The Florida PAL Annual Awards (PDF)

Max Trapasso Outstanding Youth Director Award (PDF)