2016 Florida PAL Cheerleading Competition


EVENT DATE: December 3, 2016

LOCATION: Daytona Beach, Florida- Embry-Riddle

DEADLINE FOR ENTRY: Wednesday, October 26, 2016, 3:00 PM EST, (NO EXCEPTIONS) - (No Post - marked entries)

Registration Fee (SFAPAL Member Chapters): $200.00 PER TEAM and no team can exceed the 20 member cap. DUE with Registration - no exceptions.

Non Member Registration Fee: $350.00 (per team)

SEE OFFICIAL RULES FOR AGE BRACKETS, CUTOFF DATE AND DIVISIONS - available online at www.sfapal.com or in your SFAPAL rulebook.

HOTELS: Each PAL is responsible for paying for their own rooms. Florida PAL will contract with host hotels and provide contact information for room reservations after the deadline has past.

REQUIRED PAPERWORK for PALS with Kids Trax Cards:

For those PALS with Cheerleaders that have Kids Trax Cards you only need to submit the following:

  1. Official Entry Form*
  2. Florida PAL Release of Liability and Idemnity* (all adults and youth) make sure to put the initials 'KT' on the release so that we know this participant has a Florida PAL issued Kids Trax Card. Thank you.
  3. Team Roster*
  4. Cheerleading Rooming List*
  5. T-Shirt Breakdown *

*These forms can be found on-line. NO FAXED INFORMATION WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Kids Trax Replacement Fee: Please check in advance for your Kids Trax cards and if you need a replacement, the cost will be $30.00 prior to November 1, 2016, after November 1, 2016 the replacement fee will be $45.00 per card. Please do not wait.

Paperwork Required for PALS ( Adults & cheerleaders without Kids Trax Cards):

  1. Official Entry Form*
  2. Participant Application* (all adults and all youth)
  3. Release of Liability* - {all youth and all adults}-signed and notarized* (available online - contact SFAPAL for the link)
  4. Proof of birth (no hospital forms) Age Cutoff is on or before Sept. 1'st. You may use school records as proof of birth as well. Any youth coaches (18-20) must send a copy of driver's license or birth certificate or Florida Identification card.
  5. Team Roster*
  6. Cheerleading Rooming List* (received by mail)
  7. COLOR Photo submitted electronically [WALLET SIZE] required for each (Adult and youth) participant (No copies & No Black and White Photos please)
  8. T-Shirt Breakdown*
  9. Emergency Medical Consent Form* - to be kept by the Local PAL Chapter and have available during the competition. T-Shirt Breakdown*
  10. Credit Card Authorization* if needed for payment

* These forms can be found on-line.


Street Address for Express Mail packages:
Florida PAL
2500 Monument Road Suite 204
Jacksonville, FL 32225